Monday, April 26, 2010

Preggo Update - Week 41


Size - Conner is about 21 inches long and weighs apx. 7.5 to 8 pounds at 41 weeks!

Activity – Conner has taken semi permanent residence on top of my bladder and is causing some serious pressure that I am not used to feeling. All these new things are good though, they mean we are closer…

Labor signs – Well my hypersensitivity is driving me nuts. I have been on the verge of tears for the past few days and am trying with all my might to not focus on being in labor (or wishing I was). Last night every move I made caused a contraction and I got about 3 hours of sleep. They are not really painful though, which is frustrating because I was under the impression that they should be? My contractions feel like I am being squeezed and it literally takes my breath away. It is mostly in the front and does not feel like some women describe as cramps or back pain. I feel like I am being squeezed by a boa constrictor.

Oh come on little man! You are all done… we are just patiently, or not so much, waiting for your arrival. You are confusing us and making us a little crabby. We just really want to meet you!

Size – I am the same. I have been getting these ridiculous e-mails from random websites that I signed up for weekly updates on that I feel I need to rant about. A few came the day after my due date that gave me immediate advice on “How to lose the pregnancy weight and get into that two piece by July! “. Ew. I was pretty annoyed by that. So, I am supposed to carry a baby for 10+ months, deliver that baby, recover from delivering that baby while breast feeding and consuming an extra 300+ calories a day, exercise, diet, and have a bikini goal by July? Wow… if only I had known that motherhood would be so difficult! I am not a Kardashian nor am I an ex playboy bunny in desperate need of attention, so much so that I need to fit into a size 6 within a ridiculous, not to mention unhealthy, amount of time. I will not be appearing on the cover of a tabloid in said bikini so I do not appreciate the pressure. I will feel foreign enough in my postpartum body, I do not need my e-mail service to inform me of my upcoming challenges… thank you very much!

What I am wearing – now that I am feeling more and more comfortable in my PJ’s I have actually begun to mix and match them, as fashionably as possible, with each other. I spent a whopping sixteen dollars on a new pair of yoga pants that I really like and they actually are acceptable to wear in public and match some of my maternity tops and jewelry… yay for comfort!

Strange stuff – At this point everything is strange and new to me. I feel new sensations all the time and am learning things that I am grateful to hear. My sister has been so wonderful in keeping it real for me. She had her son almost a year ago (a year already! WOW…) and she has been a godsend with advice and honest sisterly tips that no one else may be comfortable telling me. She keeps it real and makes sure I know what I am in for. She calls me all the time reminding me to do this and to prepare for that and I love it because without her I would be so lost. Love you Kate!!!

Food cravings – lemon ice from Culvers with fresh raspberries. Enough said!

Status of belly button – a outie

What I miss – things are so close now that I am really not missing anything, I am focusing on looking forward to things and seeing how my life will change with Conner and not being pregnant.

In General:
Best movement this week - Well, from about 6pm pretty much through the night Conner is up and at ‘em and is super active. He definitely has his days and nights mixed up so that’s going to be a challenge for us once he arrives.

Most looking forward to – Do I even need to write anything here? Obviously I am looking forward to meeting my Conner and going into labor and not having to get up at 6am every day for work even though I could sleep all day… I cannot wait for the next part of my life to begin… enough of this waiting!

Words to live by – Stay busy! Try as hard as you can to not focus on the fact that you are late and have not given birth and that you feel like you are about to explode from baby and emotion and frustration. I have chosen literature as my escape from reality – even though it seems that every book I pick up has something to do with pregnancy and babies. I have read an entire paper bag full of books… I know they all fit into a paper bag because it is sitting by my front door waiting to be donated. It equals about 40 books in total from the past 4 months. That is an average of 1 book every three days. So I have been trying really hard to keep my mind off of things. I also work every day, take walks with Dave and the dogs, help Dave with dinner, keep the house clean, laundry, hang out with my sister and my nephew, garden as much as I can, and go to my doctor’s appointments. I am doing OK, I could be doing more, but that would require actually getting dressed and putting on makeup so that is out of the question.

Milestones - I have not gone completely insane yet… so I think that is an accomplishment. I haven’t started to cry too much and I can keep my mind on task most of the time. I am to the point now where I understand that my son will be a late arrival and I just have to deal with it. I also understand that I have every right to complain and whine about once in awhile because I can and it makes me feel better… soon I will have my son… soon.



Jewel said...

What work do you do?

Pinner1 said...

Hi! I work for a medicare health insurance company as a compliance administrator. I am lucky enough to work from home though, which makes things easier, but I cannot wait for my 12 weeks of baby bonding time... I have worked 40 hours+ a week for the past 14 years with no more than 2 weeks off at a time so I am really looking forward to the time with my family. What do you do?

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