Sunday, May 2, 2010

Preggo Update - Week 42


Size - Conner is about 21 inches long and weighs a little over 8 pounds at 42 weeks!

Activity – We had our 41 week non stress test Friday and things were fine. Conner is still very active and heart rate is healthy. He is very active at night and responds right away to my touch. I can feel him practicing breathing he is a lot lower even this week than last.

Labor signs – My contractions are really consistent and strong every night starting at about 6pm until I fall asleep. Dave and I have been timing them and they have been pretty regular. Thursday night we were convinced that we were in labor. We had steady contractions for four hours, nine minutes apart. We decided to get some sleep as it was about 3:30 am and when we woke up the contractions had ended. It has been that way every night for the past four or five days. The contractions are getting a little stronger each night but taper off as I get ready for bed. I have faith that every contraction is doing some good and will make my eventual labor easier.

Size – I measured 42 cm when I was last in to see the midwives. I am proudly boasting the belly of a 42 week pregnancy. I have been fortunate to have enough energy to stay in pretty decent shape. I don’t look like Giselle or anything, but I have faith that it will come off easily after Conner is born.

What I am wearing – whatever… clothes. I am so unconcerned with this topic. I just want to start wearing my dresses again.

Strange stuff – Nothing really strange to report this week. I have been pretending that I am not nine days overdue and that I am just going on with everyday life. I am trying really hard to keep the house as perfect as possible so that when I do leave and come home from the hospital I can come home to a clean house and clean laundry and everything all set for a new baby and as little stress as possible. I am a clean freak and a bit of a perfectionist, so if I can make my life easier by being proactive, that benefits all of us.

Food cravings – water, water, water… I am always so thirsty!

Status of belly button – a outie

What I miss – it is beautiful outside and I really miss sitting outside at night with some candles, a good book, and a glass of wine. I cannot wait for the day I can do that.

In General:
Best movement this week – He is moving a lot, so that is really all I can hope for!

Most looking forward to – Having my son in my arms. I am so anxious I can barely stand it.

Words to live by – Keep an open mind. I started this pregnancy thinking that no matter what I was going to fight for exactly what I wanted as far as the birth goes and that was that. Now that I am so overdue and so unsure of how things are going to work out I have had to make decisions about and have had to consider things that at the beginning I never would have considered. Obviously keeping Conner’s best interest in mind, I have had to rethink things such as natural and medical induction, medications, pain therapy, and ultrasounds. I originally thought that I would give a great natural birth at 4o weeks without any pain medication and without any medical intervention. Now that I have exactly six days to have this baby before they dose me with Pitocin I have had to reconsider some things. Nothing goes exactly the way you think it will and it is naive to think otherwise; that I have learned. Now I am looking at having my membranes stripped, taking hormones to jumpstart contractions and am on my fourth ultrasound since my second trimester. I cannot say that I am thrilled about it and I know I still have a choice in everything I do, but I am trying to do things the best way possible to make things as easy as possible for both Conner and I.

Milestones – Well, no matter what, I will have Conner in my arms in no more than five days. Wish me luck…



Sarah said...

Hi there!

I know that you don't know me, but you helped give me some advice on starting some kid's room paintings on the HGTV site a few weeks back. Anyway, I started doing them and they're looking great! So far, I have a dog, an elephant, a flamingo, a snake, an insect and a giraffe (my personal fav so far) I just wanted to thank you again for the inspiration and all of the advice. I also wanted to wish you all the best in your delivery. :) Take care.


Lisa Curcio said...

I know what it feels like to be overdue, the belly just keeps on getting bigger, lol.

I hope your little Conner arrives soon!

Jewel said...

Hey my mom told me to tell you to ask your midwives about black & blue cohosh tea. It helps induce or keep labor from stopping. Good luck!

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