Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Flippers for Fingers

So there are a few things that I have noticed during my second trimester. The largest one being overall clumsiness and puffiness. I find that my hands are so puffy that I have to literally accommodate for the extra space they take up when doing really anything. Eating has become more interesting. I spent Sunday morning breakfast with Dave's family and I was eating a bowl of fruit. I probably dropped half of it on the floor, on my lap, completely missed my mouth... not pretty. I had to kind of explain my decline in table manners because Dave's grandfather was bending over to pick up the pieces of fruit that had fallen on the floor and grandma sitting there just watching me eat... not sure if she thought it was funny or gross, probably a little of both. Another clumsy moment was brushing my teeth this morning, I looked down, and saw I had missed the toothbrush completely. There was this nice little pile of toothpaste sitting on my belly - thank goodness I was wearing a sweatshirt. So there is that... oh man. I kind of just have to laugh at myself and wait for the next awkward moment.

So we had a really nice night together yesterday after work. Dave came home and told me he had decided to do a job search beyond what he was already doing. Being he just graduated college last week, he is feeling more confidant and secure in his skills. He wants to get out there and show what he can do. We sat and watched a movie, 500 Days of Summer - AWESOME movie and great soundtrack - and he tweaked his resume. He decided to apply for a management job and so we worked on the application together. We made some delicious chicken sandwiches and Perry Mason dip (family recipe) sat and talked and enjoyed the evening. Conner was really active last night and papa got to feel his kicks. It was a perfect moment. He leaned over and put his hand on my bare belly, Conner kicked a few times and Dave at first thought it was me somehow and then realized it was his son and he smiled. We stayed like that until his arm fell asleep and it was awesome.

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