Monday, December 28, 2009

Introducing.... (dum da da duuuuuum).... ME!

Insert round of applause... picture me bowing. Thank you, thank you! So glad to be here!

OK, that was a little self indulgent of me but I couldn't help myself. This blogging thing is completely new to me so I am taking advantage of it a little here. I guess we should get to the important stuff, like what brought me to blogging and what I am all about. My sister in law has been blog savvy for quite awile now and has on many occations tried to include me in her successful blog, Needless to say I have always been too shy. We were talking last night and she shared with me information about mommyblogs. I was amazed that anyone could get out there and put in their two sense - so the next day BumpStop was created.

I mainly think it will be fun to share my more often than not humorous steps in marriage, pregnancy, and soon to be mommyhood. I have so much to say and talk about, but mostly I have a lot to be thankful for and that is another reason I want to share. I have a wonderful husband Dave who has been nothing but a pillar of stregth and honesty for me. We have a cozy home in a mid sized town in Wisconsin, we have two dogs, and a great group of people that we have managed to hang on to for quite awhile. We are not perfect but we have learned to laugh more than anything and accept who we are,(He taught me that, told ya he was great). We have our first son on the way. Our little man will be named Conner James. He will be the first little one for my husband's family and the second for mine. I have two wonderful sisters, one of which is a mom and has been by my side every step of the way through my pregnancy so far. I have a brother who is more talented than any other living person I have ever known and two great parents who have cleared much of the battlefield for me by laying down on the front lines. I love them.

My home life is great. I spend way too much money at IKEA but it makes for a pretty palace. I love color and texture and warm places and that is my house. Our home is modest and comfortable and where we love to be. Our dogs, two black labs Dot and Daisy sit at my feet as I write this panting quietly, most likely falling asleep to my tapping on the keyboard. They are the best friends I could ask for and they love me which is pretty cool.

All in all I have it pretty good. I hope that my writing will bring a smile to your face.


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