Friday, February 19, 2010

Preggo Update - Week 31


Size - Conner is about 16 inches long and weighs apx. 3.5 pounds!

Activity – Conner has been really active mostly at night and after I eat. I can feel him all the time now, not just when I am sitting or lying down. His kicks are a lot stronger and he is all over the place, from my hips to my ribs – sometimes both places at once!

Labor signs – Not too much pain or discomfort this week. I am having an easier time moving around as I am getting more used to my size and random aches and pains. Not too many contractions, but I have been taking it pretty easy.

Conner is getting SO BIG! I can feel his body parts through my belly – I can tell the difference between his back and butt and feet and legs. He has been head down for this entire time, so I haven’t felt his head yet, but if he stays in that position forever, that would be fine with me. He can now turn his head back and forth and from side to side. His little arms and legs are becoming more and more chubby with baby fat and his little lungs are very close to being fully developed.

Size – I am getting SO BIG! I haven’t gained a ton of weight these last few weeks, but I sure feel like I have. My belly is a lot bigger, now measuring at 31.5 cm from pelvic bone to just below my rib cage. My boobs are taking over my life and I think my feet are even a little bigger… my wedding ring doesn’t fit anymore – but that’s OK. I can just wear it around my neck like Carrie from SATC  I think my face looks completely different, but I received a compliment the other day from the lady who gave me my massage and she told me I look like the girl from “The Notebook” so that made me happy.

What I am wearing – Thank god for sisters! Kate gave me a pair of maternity pants that actually fit me and stay where they are supposed to, and they are comfy too. I have been sticking to cute clothes still as I know that I won’t fit into them much longer. It is warming up here a bit too, so I haven’t had to sport my wool coat as much which helps with the not feeling like a semi truck thing…

Strange stuff - Nothing much to report this week except that I feel awesome and am still loving every minute of my pregnancy – so maybe at this point that could be considered weird since most of the women I talk to look at me like I must be miserable. I’m not. I am happy and still laughing at myself.

Food cravings – water, grapefruit (even bought grapefruit scented lotion!), sub sandwiches, cookies, and chocolate cake

Status of belly button - outie

What I miss – energy, my cheekbones, normal bras, jeans that button, high heels, and my friends

In General:
Best movement this week - lots of nighttime somersaults

Most looking forward to – Conner’s baby shower is next week and I am so excited to see all my family and friends that are coming to Eau Claire to share it with me. I have a few cool ideas that I would like to incorporate, and I am really looking forward to spending time with all the women in my life that I love. I just hope I don’t hear a ton of stories on horrible births and nasty pregnancies!

Words to live by – ALWAYS ALWAYS ALWAYS make sure that no matter where you go that there is a bathroom within walking distance of where you plan on spending time and ALWAYS use the bathroom before you leave the house – even if you think you don’t have to go. There is nothing worse than this time of year with all the potholes and icky roads and having to pee so bad you think you might cry. Trust me on this one…

Milestones – Oh man… Conner will be here in 9 weeks! I am so excited and scared and nervous and happy and trying to stay calm. People keep telling me “he could come now any time” or “you’ve dropped!” or “do you think you’re ready?”or my favorite “you’re huge!” – how exactly does one respond to these comments? With a polite smile and gritted teeth and a small prayer that he will come when he is ready and that’s all. I love though how when people see me they have so many questions! The checkout lady at Walgreens yesterday was all about telling me about her first child and how they found out it was a boy and her hospital experience… I was just buying mascara and I sure learned a lot. I love it though, people – “When are you due? Do you know the sex? What about the name?” It has been fun now that I am clearly pregnant and not just fat – I kind of like the attention.

Another week down and nine more to go… I cannot believe how fast this is all going. He will be here before I know it and I have no idea what that means! I know I will adapt though… I can feel it that I will. I am already so in love with Conner that I cannot even imagine how I will feel once I can hold him in my arms and sing the little songs that I have been making up for him. I have come very close to finishing the paintings for his room (I promise I will post pics soon) and the shower is already next weekend. We are so close to him coming home that I can actually picture myself feeding him or rocking him and I get all happy and glowy and calm.


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CaraCine said...

Beautiful Pinner, I love reading about your baby bump and I am particular amused by you belly button updates all along the way. Very funyy!

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