Sunday, January 3, 2010

Anti Resolutionist

My mother is a genius. She is one of those people who is always looking for something new to fill her time and new ways to become a more well rounded, better person. Every year, instead of making a silly resolution that she is sure she will neglect or forget, she makes a list. She looks closely at her life and makes a list of things that she would either like to change, improve on, start or stop doing, or just be better at. These lists make so much sense because not only does she get to take many different aspects of her life into consideration, she can actually see the improvements. My mother just remodeled her kitchen and in doing so put a chalkboard wall by the back door. She puts her list there so that every time she walks by that wall she sees a pleasant reminder of her progress. My mother made a list of ten things last year and at Christmas I asked her how it worked for her... she accomplished all ten and then some. You rock mom... you are the bomb ;)

So in the tradition of my mother's dedicated lists, I have decided to make my own and watch my progress through the year... plus it will give me some great stuff to write about!

To Do List for 2010

  1. Have a baby - this is a given, but it will be monumental to me so it is number one.
  2. Love the crap out of my husband - show him how much I love him and not ever take him for granted
  3. Make a dentist appointment
  4. Finish Conner's nursery
  5. Take down the Christmas tree before February
  6. Feel pretty at least once every day
  7. Organize the basement
  8. Finish one more semester of school
  9. Beat Mario Brothers on the Wii
  10. Make a cork board from my wine cork collection

Not too shabby if I might say so myself... It is simple, meaningful, and most importantly - doable! Wish me luck!



Black Cat said...

Very commendable, and doable! I could do the second and the last - except I just binned all my corks and the binmen have collected... But, how do you make a cork board? And I have sometimes wondered what "compels" so many wine drinkers to save the corks! Are we barmy or is there some deep-seated Freudian thing going on, heh heh!?!


I wish you luck :) Love the crap out of your husband - what a wonderful new years resolution. The best kind. Take lots of rest before the baby comes. Things'll never be the same when he arrives... :)

Pinner1 said...

Black Cat - to make a corkboard I was just going to cut the corks lengthwise, glue them on a piece of lightwieght plywood and frame with some inexpensive molding that I can stain to match m hardwood floors. It will be a nice addition to our kitchen as my husband is always asking me why we don't have a place for "pin uppable" things...

Pinner1 said...

Uplift - thank you for your kind words... rest is the magic word :)

Amber@theRunaMuck said...

Your list is perfect!

Anonymous said...

Hey Pinner its mouse! I could help you with your list for sure. I could literally knock out your basement for you in like a day if you need help. Or I could haul your tree away, or give you any help with Connor's room. Might as well take #6 off because you are always pretty! :-)

Pinner1 said...

oh Mouse, you are just the perfect brother... I love you

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