Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Preggo Update - Week 28


Size - Conner is about 15 inches long and weighs apx. 2.2 pounds!

Activity - I am feeling much more powerful movements. These last few days I can really tell how he is positioned. Lots of hiccups!

Labor signs - I very rarely feel the Braxton Hicks anymore. I get one maybe once a day if that. I haven't noticed anything out of the ordinary at all.

Conner's brain is developing rapidly. The peaks and valleys found in a newborn-adult's brain are starting to form this week and more hair will start to grow on his little head. At this point Conner is putting on weight and allowing his brain to develop as much as possible before birth. He is also making his way down for proper birth positioning.


Size - Well, I am really starting to feel the weight gain. I bought a pair of super cute black maternity pants right before Christmas and they are a little snug. I can still fit into most things and I am not worried. I know it is temporary and the little bit of weight gain is not making me feel awful. I know it is good for Conner and healthy for me.

What I am wearing -Trying to work the accessories this week... Most of my clothes are plain and non pattered - best friend to a lady trying to appear less than she is ;) I have a great collection of scarves, earrings, rings, and bags that compliment all my plain jane tees and jeans. I have even been painting my nails!

Strange stuff - hmmmmmmm... well, the strangest thing this week has been little kicks to what feels like a kidney. It sometimes takes my breath away. I am laughing at myself a lot because there is so much that I used to be able to do that I have to actually think about now. The biggest one is getting in and out of the bath. It is hilarious. I will spare you the details, but I always have the "Humpty Dumpty" nursery rhyme stuck in my head when I am in there. I am very calm lately. I cry a lot for many reasons, some lame, but it feels good to get the emotion out.

Food cravings - Cookies, fresh veggies, fruit, and water - lots and lots of water

Status of belly button - almost an outie!

What I miss - high heels, moving around in bed without grunting like an old man, wine, and spring

In General:

Best movement this week - a few kicks to my side area, hiccups, and lots of rolls

Most looking forward to - Getting the nursery completed and gardening with my son

Words to live by - Do not, I repeat - DO NOT go to the grocery store 7 months pregnant and hungry. You will come home with chips, 2 types of cookies, random cheeses and veggies, donuts, and completely forget the milk.

Milestones - Talking to Dave about our birth plan and making decisions together

I am starting to really feel everything. It is like my senses are all on overdrive and everything smells and tastes and feels amazing. I feel energetic, beautiful, happy, blessed, and thankful. I am not scared, and that to me is the most important thing. If I can keep that up, I feel that things will go smoothly and I will be confidant and calm. I am staying away from the negative. The only thing that bothers me are people telling me what my experience is going to be before I have experienced it. This happens mostly with older people and people that have had children before and had bad experiences. I just wish that they would keep those things to themselves and allow me my own chance to create my own story.  Good rule of thumb to live by - only share if you have been asked... a scared pregnant woman is not a pretty sight...

- Pinner


NewlyParents said...

LOL @ grunting when rolling over in bed. It seems all I do now at 36 weeks is grunt. Sitting down, standing up, rolling over, turning around, etc!

I'll be glad when I can stop grunting!

Pinner1 said...

I know right! It always makes my husband and I laugh though. He'll ask me "You're going to do that all the time now, aren't you?". Cracks me up...

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