Wednesday, January 6, 2010

DIY Corkboard

So I love wine... Before I became pregnant I had this belief that everything was better with a glass of wine, but I haven't been able to "partake" for almost half of a full year. Because of this belief, I have this slightly ridiculous cork collection and have been meaning to use them to create something really cool. If you will recall from my Anti-Resolutionist post, one of my list items for the year was to take those corks and create a cork board. I have spotted them before in wineries and decorating magazines, and thought that was something I could do myself. Because I have been asked by a few people how I will go about making this cork board (which is awesome because it means that people are actually reading my blog!!!) I will list the instructions as I have them in my head.

Warning - I have not yet created this project beyond the pictures in my mind, so if there are some serious flaws to my design please feel free let me know.

Homemade Cork Board


  • wine corks apx 50 - discard plastic and torn corks
  • 1/4 in Plywood cut to size
  • Wood Glue
  • Hanging Hardware
  • framing - I will most likely use 1/4 round or something similar
  • Paint or stain plywood depending on your taste
  • Cut all the corks lengthwise and begin gluing from the middle of the plywood. Alternate between vertical and horizontal placement making sure that the winery is showing on each cork. (tip - use 2 corks at a time for each placement = II = II ensuring that the placement is even)
  • Make sure that all the winery names are facing the same way.
  • Allow glue to dry for a day or so
  • Stain or paint the framing and add to the board
  • Add hanging hardware to the back, find a stud, and hang it up
  • Voila! A brand new cork board... congrats!
I Promise that when I actually get around to making mine, I will post pictures and the instructions that I actually used. If you get to it before me, show me your finished masterpiece!


Amy O'Connor said...

Got over here from Twitter and now you got a new follower! I love this idea, but it would take me like a whole year to get 50 corks saved up. Guess I better throw a party! LOL!

Congrats on your baby boy!

Pinner1 said...

good luck and thank you! It was funny because after awhile my entire family was saving their corks for me :)

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