Sunday, January 3, 2010

Preggo Update - Week 25

Well, I am officially in the third trimester... here is what is going on in there

Size - about 13.5 inches long and about 1.5 pounds

Activity - little squirt is super active and kicks about once every 25 seconds when awake

Labor signs - Some contractions if I am really active are getting stronger. Sometimes they knock me on my butt

This week his spine is continuing to develop as are the blood vessels in the lungs. His nostrils are fully formed and will most likely open by the end of the week. He looks like a real baby now just very thin and small. He will be starting to move from the breech position and rotating around to get to where he needs to be for birth. He even has hair! (Hopefully... mommy was bald till she was 3)

Size - none of your beeswax ;) a little weight gain since week 22

What I am wearing - super sexy full panel maternity pants, long sleeved cotton shirts that cover my belly, and warm socks - full blown maternity clothes.

Strange stuff - I can't sleep for more than 3 hours at a time and my hands are always falling asleep due to carpel tunnel (common in pregnancy) I can cry on a dime and am pretty much always happy

Food cravings - fruit and chocolate

Status of belly button - still an innie

What I miss - sleeping on my tummy and wine

In General:
Best movement this week - Daddy being able to finally feel his kicks

Most looking forward to - baby shampoo :) and sleeping next to him

Words to live by - always wear slippers while playing Wii bowling - had a few close calls

Milestones - feeling constant movement through the day - no more scary worries

Well, so far so good. We are in the last stretch of my first pregnancy. We have a lot to do but we are feeling really good about where things are headed. Hopefully I can keep up!


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Aw this is exciting. You look radiant by the way. Absolutely gorgeous. I had my daughter years ago but I will never forget watching my tummy move around in the bath. I used to just sit there and go, "Wow". Pregnancy is a brilliant experience - enjoy every second. Bless you :)

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