Sunday, January 17, 2010

Preggo Update - Week 27


Size - about 14.5 inches long and about 2 pounds

Activity - Conner is moving a lot more this week. I can feel him more often than not during the day and I felt some pretty powerful movements yesterday. I am pretty sure that he did a somersault in there.

Labor signs - I am really not feeling any contractions at all. The only thing I noticed this week was a strange sharp pain in my lower abdomen. I am thinking that is ligament or growing pains. I have been a little less active this week due to not feeling well, so maybe that explains the lack of Braxton Hicks.

Conner's sleep cycles are much more apparent to me now. I can count on when he will be awake and moving and when he will be out like a light. He is now actively opening and closing his eyes, his retinas are maturing, he is sucking his thumb, and his brain is becoming much more active. I am also feeling his hiccups! I have been waiting for that ;)


Size - Thank god for Old Navy and their huge sale this weekend... oh and for curl enhancing spray. I have been getting a little uncomfortable, but with a few new roomier tops and being able to completely neglect my flat iron I am embracing my natural look - I think I am rockin it :) I haven't gained any weight this week and I am right on track for average weight gain for my pregnancy.

What I am wearing - Maternity pants? Check... warm socks? Check... wedding ring on chain hanging around neck? (Fingers are SO swollen) Check... Some cute accessories to accent boring maternity tops? Check... good to go!

Strange stuff - I am still waking up a lot during the night but I am having a much easier time falling asleep. I have had the flu again for the third time during my pregnancy this week but am feeling better. I asked about that and apparently it is normal as my immune system is on overdrive due to the baby and I am more susceptible to viruses. I am trying to take it easy and drink lots of fluids. I was given a prescription for Tamaflu and was really thrown off by the price - 95.00 for 10 pills... and that was with insurance. I opted to not take it as I have successfully battled the flu twice already and the drug was a level C which means it penetrates the placenta - no thanks. Other than that, I really have no complaints at all... I am really still loving being pregnant.

Food cravings - fruit, cookies, french silk pie, grapefruit juice, and steak.

Status of belly button - almost an outie!

What I miss - bending over, sleeping on my back, my less puffy self, and energy

In General:

Best movement this week - Some serious somersaults and hiccups!

Most looking forward to - Dressing Conner in the outfits daddy got for him.

Words to live by - Always call your health care provider if there are any worries. I am so glad I did and that I didn't sit and worry. Even though I was terrified, all my fears were squashed by an awesome medical staff and a really really really great, calm, encouraging husband.

Milestones - First time ever in the hospital this week :( not really a good one, but it is something I'll never forget.

Man this is flying by. I finished the baby shower invites today and will be mailing those out Tuesday. I am starting to see my Midwives bi-weekly now and am well into my third trimester. I remember thinking last August when I first found out I was pregnant how far away January seemed, and now the month is half gone. I am starting to feel the pressure of getting everything ready but when I take a step back I realize that we are really pretty prepared (as prepared as new parents could ever be at this point) and we can relax and just wait. I am starting to do my research on birthing options and am educating myself so my confidence is high when the day comes. I am loving this stage of my pregnancy... I am happy and super emotional and excited and so in love with Conner and Dave has been more than amazing (even as I write this I am tearing up... oh jeez, oh jeez) I could not feel better if I tried. I love my life...

- Pinner


Reyna said...

So happy to hear how well everything is going, and how much you are enjoying pregnancy!! I hope delivery goes just as smoothly! So many people thought I was crazy for loving being preggo and the delivery...but it was all just so amazing!!! I don't think I should read any future pregnancy blogs from's making me get baby fever!!

Kelsey said...

I love reading your baby updates, I'm so excited for you guys!!! It'll be so awesome when everyone can finally meet the little guy!

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