Sunday, January 10, 2010

Preggo Update - Week 26

One more week down!!! 


Size - about 14 inches long and about 2 pounds

Activity - Our little squirt is super active and kicks about once every 10 seconds.  He is getting higher and is starting to turn from breech to a transverse position.

Labor signs - Most contractions are happening at night and are less often. They are getting a little stronger, but mostly feel like a pressure or tightening below my belly button. 

This week Conner is very active.  His eyes are beginning to open and close and he is beginning to make breathing movements.  He is sucking his thumb which calms him and strengthens his jaw and mouth muscles.  He is responding to me too.  When I gently push on my belly, he will kick back.  He also responds to my voice and loves the shower.  I am starting to notice more of a routine with him.  He is quiet in the mornings and evenings and is most active in the afternoons and late nights.  He also LOVES music.  I sing to him and he moves around in there like crazy.  He is my tiny dancer...


Size - I feel better now than I have in a few weeks.  My hair is thicker and my belly is bigger but still in it's cute stage.  I feel beautiful and look pretty pregnant.  I even received my first "stranger compliment" today.

What I am wearing - Still sporting my sexy maternity pants, but have begun to feel more confortable in my maternity tops that are beginning to fit better now.  Instead of hanging on me, they are complimenting my growing belly. 

Strange stuff - I am awake about every 2-3 hours in the night.  I have had to make huge efforts to fall and stay asleep.  Because I am up so often in the night, I am very tired through the day.  Excercise and hot baths have been helping.  I think I am also going to try earplugs...

Food cravings - grapefruit, potato chips, and lunchmeat - oh and sorbet

Status of belly button - on it's way to becoming an outie

What I miss - still missing sleeping on my tummy and I had an intense craving for grapefruit vodka and tonic (with a dash of lime)  mmmmmmmmm...

In General:

Best movement this week - felt his butt stick out by my belly button and felt him roll over completely.

Most looking forward to - getting his nursury finished and spring

Words to live by - Allowing my husband to help me.  He is so willing and I have been stubborn, but when I did it put me in a better mood and he did an awesome job.  (We cleaned the house together...)

Milestones - Watching my belly move when he moves.

Well, we are one more week closer to meeting our son.  This week was huge because we were able to see him move and really feel him.  We also made our plans for lamaze and my family and I began to plan the shower.  Things are really begining to feel real and exciting.  This year is going to be so amazing...


Kayte Frei said...

You still look so pretty and trully happy! I love reading these, they really make me smile! Please remember if you need anything at all Jen, I'm here. I can't wait to see Connor either - I know he is going to be adorable (there is no chance he can't be!) Keep up the postings - I love reading them and get as much rest as you can since soon, you won't be resting enough! :)

Pinner1 said...

Kayte, thank you...! I am so glad you are enjoying reading about Conner! It just feels like things were going by so fast and I felt this huge need to document as much of it as I can... I don't ever want to forget what an amazing experience this has been for us. Hope you are feeling well and we will get together soon!

JACQUI said...

You look absolutely radiant. I'm so glad you're enjoying your pregnancy. This blog is going to be such a joy to revisit for you, your husband and your son ~(when he's old enough). Keep enjoying every second. :)

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