Sunday, January 31, 2010

Preggo Update - Week 29


Size - Conner is about 15.5 inches long and weighs apx. 2 pounds 9 ounces!

Activity - I am totally feeling every movement now. It is so constant and I can't help but think how strange it will be after he gets here and I won't feel him anymore. He is my tiny dancer and gymnast and kick boxer all in one. He is most active at night and late afternoon. He still does somersaults when I eat grapefruit and gets the hiccups quite often for short periods of time.

Labor signs - A few more contractions this week. I have been more active myself because I am starting to panic a little about the third trimester exhaustion and trying to get things done around the house. They are a little more intense and I can feel them coming. Never are they more than one or two an hour, so I have nothing to worry about.

Conner's brain is continuing to develop rapidly. My midwife says that he is head down, so he has completed that journey. His lungs are now close to fully developed, his bones are making his red blood cells all by themselves, and he can regulate his own body temperature. Conner is still growing every day and continues to build fat under his skin.

Size - I am feeling good about my size. I have not gained any weight in the last two weeks, but I am sure that is about to change quickly.

What I am wearing -Same as last week. Trying to rock the accessories and cute bags and try to be more confident about my style. I have a lot of clothes that I cannot wear but all my jewelry and scarves can be flaunted! I need new shoes as the ones I have been wearing religiously for the last 2+ years are wearing thin... but I am not looking forward to shoe shopping at all.

Strange stuff - Crazy dreams are really getting to me. Because I wake up so often I am in REM sleep more and tend to remember my dreams. I have had a few doozies -I will spare you - but nothing awful. I have tons of back pain now and can barely bend over towards the end of the night, but sleep seems to cure me. The swelling in my hands is a lot better (Thank you grapefruit!!!) and I can still wear my rings. Oh, and everyone smiles at me! I like it but I am not used to it.

Food cravings - Pepsi, fruit, cookies, and sub sandwiches.

Status of belly button - almost an outie!

What I miss - skinny days, only having one chin, being able to bend over, jeans that button, wine, summer, my less puffy self, and sleeping a full night without waking up.
In General:
Best movement this week - a dance party in my belly at 2am last night

Most looking forward to - SUMMER! I am craving it. I cannot wait to take Conner everywhere and enjoy all the things I love the most with him. Grill outs, our backyard, the farmers market, music on the park, long sunset walks through the neighborhood, gardening, all that stuff that makes us feel complete will be so much better with our son.

Words to live by - Don't complain. Just don't do it. Everything that is going on with me physically, emotionally, and mentally is good... It does not need to be scary or painful, or sad. Everything can be funny and exciting and wonderful. Staying positive is the most important thing to remember through this journey.

Milestones - Hitting that 8th month that I thought would never come - that I thought only happened to other people and not me. It is here and it is wonderful. I am so loving this!

Dave and I talk all the time about how things will be... what our plans are, what we want to work on, how we want to spend our time. We have become this huge heart that together and only together beats. We have the same passions and concerns and fears. We have the same dreams. He said to me the other night that he wants to have "German nights" once a week where we speak only German and explore the culture. Things like that we both talk about and it creates this excitement and love between us and for our child. This is what it is about, I have learned. It is not about the fancy stroller or the trendy onsies or the deluxe crib - it is about being a family that loves each other and creates a feeling that no other place in the world could. It is about feeling confident and loved and secure and safe. It is about falling asleep at night knowing that the people that share your home with you are a piece of your life that would cause you to die inside if you were without...



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